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How My Paintings Happen

6/24/18 I am re-working this abstract of Basin Street to fit in better with my original intention of a series on musical instruments.

All images on this page are of the same painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers instead of stapled onto the sides. I'll be using a canvas on 1.5" thick stretchers to hang with a frame.

The painting is 30"x24".

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks, Ann

I want to make the trumpet more a part of this painting than quite so vague as before. I will be keeping some elements that I think work with it.

Step 2

I'm looking for a pattern or rhythm that makes me feel good. I still don't have it here. Time to do something different like a good TV show or clean up my garden where I have winter squash growing where I planted what I thought were cucumber seeds. AARGH..

Step 3

I think I'm finding a path to success. Circles - but need to figure out how to make that work. Early stages yet but there is hope. One big change is to make the trumpet realistic instead of just round shapes.

Step 4

Started defining the trumpet bells throughout the painting. The light reflections give them life and movement. Also working on circles as a repetition of the bells. colors will get more attention once I get the compositon better laid out.

Step 5

Maybe the outer circles need to be broken up a bit. This is going to take a lot of looking at before I decide on my next moves.

Step 6

I spotted a potential circular motion on the left with the lines at bottom and top. I put the blue paint on the left to remind me to pursue that potential. Bottom left/middle needs work. Just need to have the circles broken up and definitely need to lighten up the feeling with color. Kinda looks like blasting horns from hell right now. Could be that's how I'm feeling politically so need to change my mood a bit. Tomorrow is another day!

Step 7

Ok, I now have the circular motion I was after on the left with the lines. It needs fine-tuning but the gist is there. At the bottom, I decided to go back to the angular line cutting off the bottom part of big circle. It also helps, I think, to have a few angles to off-set the circular motion. Time to start reckoning with the inner circle colors and shapes and to bring some light into the colors. Tommorrow...

Step 8

I made some changes to the standing trumpet at the bottom and the area with the two bells...a little phallic looking. Also started defining shapes inside the bigger circles and brightening the colors. Still more to be done with all that but maybe it's getting a little less hellish looking?
Feel free to offer your feedback.

I have opened up some of the circles a little and added some brightness to the colors so it's not so gloomy or serious feeling. I think I've accomplished what I wanted. Need time to look at it while I begin a new one. As always, feedback is welcomed. Just go to my contact page and drop me a note.

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